We believe in the power of nature to solve our biggest challenges. Whether it is optimising the performance of high value horticultural production, organic crop protection, maximising feed conversion in livestock or re-vegetating a mine site; Novum have spent the last 35 years learning how to work with nature.

About Novum Lifesciences

Laboratory Services

Our NATA and ASPAC accredited Chemistry and Microbiology laboratories provide an extensive suite of services to land managers and food producers around the world.

environmental services

Rehabilitation of fragile ecosysyems through the use of innovative systems such as our Terrafilm range of Hydromulch, or solving complex agronomic issues caused by degradation, or mis-management. 

regenerative agriculture

Functional innocullums and nano-tech products for use in crop protection and biostimulation via our biofilm crop protection portfolio of NASAA Certified Organic inputs, our expertise in focused on optimising inputs. 


Developing unique processes, securing feed sources and combining them with strains of synthesised biology to generate clean, green, renewable energy from bio-reactors.

data management

We transform the data we generate for our clients into functional information, that is intuitive, accesible secure and reliable. Most of we partner with many of the leading user interfaces to provide your data where you need it.


provision of expert advice to accompany cutting edge production systems and management processes, or feet on the ground to guide the process; We don’t mind getting our hands dirty. In fact we love it.

Novum Advisory.

We provide comprehensive advisory services to the Agricultural and environmental management sector on all things agronomic.
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Our New Products and Services

We have been operating for over 35 years, and in that time learnt how to work with nature. That experience has taught us that careful priority setting leads to the desired outcome.


We have spent alot of time testing which strains of biological innocullum compliment wood fibre for optimal rehabilitation, to germinate and sustain seed.

bank stabilisation

Uniquely formulated, high strength hydromulch for suerior bank stabilisation. Suited to roadsides, and regions prone to erosion.


A comprehensive suite of organisms to effectively digest protein as part of an effective water recycling program.

researching PROTEIN

 We are in the early stage development phase of producing alternate synthesised proteins  which require a fraction of the land, feed and energy to produce.

data integration

Over the last 12 months we have been working closing with a number of geo-spatial data providers to integrate analytical plant and soil data so it can be viewed anywhere.

microbial delivery

New and innovative ways of delivering the functional microbes used in food production systems are being developed all the time, and we are at the cutting edger of this field.


Metabolic profiles of our functional biology have application in a plethora of processes from energy production to waste digestion.

Analytical services

A full suite of Soil, Sap, Dry Tissue, Chemical Residue, Heavy Metal, Food Safety and pathology services in our NATA Labs.


Harnesing the power of nature to enhance productivity of livestock production.

Crops being grown using Novum Lifesciences technology

hectares under influence

Food producers using novum lifesciences

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Great Barrier Reef BMP

With the Introduction of the Reef Legislation has come some additional requirements on land managers to comply with best practise to give us the best chance of conserving and restoring the health of one of our Greatest Natural Asset, The Great Barrier Reef. We have developed a suit of services tailored to meet the needs of the Best Land Managers within the GBR catchment area between Gympie and Port Douglas.

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