Biofilm Crop Protection, a division of Novum Lifesciences, is leading the way in the development of innovative products that enable the delivery of biotechnology to the Horticulture and Agriculture industries.

Jack Milbank BAppSc (Agronomy)N.Sch - Chief Innovation Officer


As a leading biotechnology company, Biofilm Crop Protection is bringing the latest solutions to Australian growers.  Our mission is to improve the efficiency and profitability of producers by facilitating the optimal use of crop production inputs through microbial products that represent worlds’ best practices in crop protection technology.

Key features of Biofilm products includes:

  • Increased nutrient utilisation by active transport, particularly of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Silica
  • Improved plant vigor through increased nutrient uptake
  • Antibiotic activity against pathogenic disease organisms
  • Promotion of a Salicylic Acid Response to induce disease resistance
  • Colonisation of the cytoplasmic membrane (root hairs and leaf surface) and subsequent Biofilm Disease Shield Formation

As a leader in the microbial industry, Biofilm adheres to fundamental guiding principles, through which our solutions are developed and delivered for agriculture and horticulture.  These principles include:

  • Prescriptive regionally and genetically pest specific
  • Based on sound science and developed by leading scientists
  • Based on common sense – we need more good biology than bad!
  • Capacity for continual product development
  • Addressing chemical resistance

We Distribute Globally

If you are a leader in innovative regenerative agricultural practices and are interested in becoming a Biofilm Crop Protection distributor, please contact us directly.

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